12/A, Mangala Mawatha, Bentota, Sri Lanka

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Stay your leisure time with books and magazines which gives you more comfort and relaxation in our library.

One of the main attractions in the Aida Hotel is the swimming pool, inviting guests to a slowdown in its azure blue water on a sultry tropical day. Pool-side entertainment, this is also a popular meeting place in the hotel made​​. This is the perfect place to unwind and relax in the pool or outdoor, casual weigh in on a comfortable chair with a refreshing cold drink in hand, from the soothing waves of the ocean in the distance.

To ensure our customers with a relaxed and stress free stay in our hotel, we offer them with fast and reliable laundry service. Our laundry service includes wash / cleaning along with the ironing, which is performed by experienced staff for promising the highest quality.

Palm reading or palmistry is the art of predicting the future by studying the palm. It has a method of divination for many eras and their roots can be traced back to India, China and Rome had been. The practice of palmistry evaluates a person in the future by "reading" of the various mooring lines and the people at hand. Each line or mount provides properties such as physical and emotional stability, romantic perspectives, intellectualism and major changes in life. Many palm readers or chirologists, immigrated from India to Sri Lanka and have this interesting method of divination with them. Soothsayers throughout Sri Lanka, and at what price you want to pay them can be found, it will read your palm and predict your future. Of marriage and children on educational and professional goals, you can find out what lies ahead for you from the lines on the palm.

This phase of the science is dealt with in "The Message of the Stars," giving numerous horoscopes to show how the signatures of various diseases appear in the stellar script. The writer diagnoses unerringly by this method, the complaints of patients around the world and love will light the way for others who want to follow the steps as a healer of the sick. If you are a parent the horoscope will aid you to recognize the evil latent in your child and learn how apply the prevention. It also shows you the good points that you make the better man or a woman's soul entrusted to your care. It will show systemic weakness and enable you to protect the health of your child, it will show what talent there is, and how life can be lived to a maximum of usefulness.

A large open-air swimming pool with adjacent Jacuzzi pool lies between the gallery restaurant and a tiered garden. An open-air amphitheater, a yoga center and private terraces for meditation are contained within the hotel.